Columbus-based Crane Group takes majority ownership of Pet Paradise

Published: 06/29/2016

Pet Paradise’s success providing top-notch pet boarding, day camp and grooming for man’s best friend throughout the seven U.S. states it currently serves has captured the attention of Columbus-based holding and management company, Crane Group.

The family-owned Crane Group announced earlier this week its majority-interest purchase in the Jacksonville, Fla.-based pet-services company — the first such investment in the pet industry sector for the local firm.

Dayton attorney suspended for third time

Published: 06/29/2016

The Supreme Court of Ohio recently adopted a recommendation from the Board of Professional Conduct and suspended Dayton attorney John Joseph Scaccia from the practice of law.

The divided high court ruled 4-3 to suspend Scaccia for 18 months with six months stayed with Justices Paul Pfeifer, Sharon Kennedy, Judith French and William O’Neill forming the majority.

Coal terminal plan pits jobs against environmental concerns

Published: 06/29/2016

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — The promise of good, blue-collar jobs in a depressed area is running headlong into environmental sensitivities as officials in Northern California consider a plan to build a marine terminal that would serve as a gateway for Utah-mined coal heading to Asia.

The terminal is in West Oakland, a historically black neighborhood that’s among the poorest and most polluted in the region.

Detractors highlight the environmental dangers of bringing millions of tons of coal through the area while supporters tout the economic benefits.

Fake monks? Buddhist leaders warn New York City tourists to be wary

Published: 06/29/2016

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Buddhist leaders are sounding the alarm to tourists: Beware the “fake monks.”

Men in orange robes claiming to be Buddhist monks are approaching visitors to some of the city’s most popular attractions, handing them shiny medallions and offering greetings of peace. They then hit them up for donations to help them build a temple in Thailand, and are persistent if their demands are refused.

Special shoe collection is a prized possession for baseball's Adam Jones

Published: 06/29/2016

HOUSTON (AP) — Adam Jones recently procured the final pieces of an extremely rare shoe collection.

Just how exclusive is this footwear?

Even with a multimillion-dollar salary and the perks that accompany fame at his disposal, it still took Baltimore’s All-Star center fielder four years and a shoe-sleuthing crew of 10 people to complete the extraordinary and special collection: Ten pairs of limited edition Doernbecher Air Jordans made by Nike.

“They’re my prized possessions,” Jones said.

Apparent conflicts of interest may dog Tesla-SolarCity deal

Published: 06/29/2016

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s a proposal that would unite two companies on shaky financial ground as they plow into relatively new markets.  One makes electric cars, the other installs solar panels. There are few obvious synergies.

Perhaps even more puzzling are the motives of Elon Musk, a polarizing billionaire who is the chairman and largest shareholder of both companies.

Program lets Boston commuters drive some, cycle the remainder of the trip

Published: 06/29/2016

BOSTON — Traffic is crawling bumper to bumper on Soldiers Field Road, a major artery leading to Cambridge and downtown Boston, as Mark Rabinsky parks his car near the Charles River, takes out his bike and prepares to cycle the rest of the way to his job at Harvard University.

After Orlando, some businesses stress LGBT inclusivity moves

Published: 06/29/2016

NEW YORK — Some small business owners already working to make their companies more welcoming to LGBT employees say the massacre at a gay dance club in Orlando gives them an impetus to make more changes.

“I’ve committed to myself and within our executive team to redouble our efforts to create a safer, kinder, more accepting workplace,” says Frank Maylett, CEO of RizePoint, a company that makes software to help restaurant owners, hotel operators and retailers manage multiple locations.

Browse free or die? New Hampshire library is at privacy fore

Published: 06/29/2016

LEBANON, N.H. — A small library in New Hampshire sits at the forefront of global efforts to promote privacy and fight government surveillance — to the consternation of law enforcement.

The Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, a city of 13,000, last year became the nation’s first library to use Tor, software that masks the location and identity of internet users, in a pilot project initiated by the Cambridge, Mass.-based Library Freedom Project. Users the world over can — and do — have their searches randomly routed through the library.

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