Legislation encourages agritourism

Published: 08/28/2015

A bill crafted to encourage the growth of the state’s agritourism industry has been backed by the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Senate Bill 75, jointly sponsored by Sens. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, and Bob Peterson, R-Sabina, would limit the authority of a board of county commissioners or board of township trustees to prohibit agritourism through zoning, apply current agricultural use valuation to land used for agritourism for property tax purposes and establish immunity in a civil action for agritourism providers.

Court of appeals upholds convictions, eight-year prison sentence for participant in Dayton theft ring

Published: 08/28/2015

A recent decision out of the 2nd District Court of Appeals affirmed multiple convictions for a Dayton man who ran a theft ring with two accomplices and his ability to pay almost $20,000 in restitution.

The defendant, Brad Philbeck, appealed from the judgment of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas where he was sentenced to a total of eight years in prison for convictions in two separate cases.

In 2-1 opinion, judges rule court properly determined defendant understood his guilty ple

Published: 08/28/2015

In a recent split decision, the 10th District Court of Appeals affirmed that a man understood the rights he was waiving when he pleaded guilty to aggravated murder with a firearm specification.

The 2-1 opinion overruled Terrille Ellis’ argument that the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas established only that he entered his plea knowingly and voluntarily, but did not assure that he was intelligently pleading guilty.

Court rules a sex offender classification cannot be vacated if it is not on the record

Published: 08/28/2015

A three-judge appellate panel recently ruled that the Butler County Court of Common Pleas properly denied a man’s request to vacate his Tier III sex offender classification because a classification was not on the record and therefore could not be vacated.

The 12th District Court of Appeals overruled William Halsey’s argument that the trial court should have vacated his sex offender classification, stating that the trial court could not vacate something that was not there.

Court of appeals affirms trespass convictions for Elyria man who pleaded no contest

Published: 08/28/2015

In the 9th District Court of Appeals, a panel of three judges recently ruled that a Lorain County man was properly convicted in multiple criminal trespassing cases after he entered no contest pleas.

Appealing from the judgment of the Elyria Municipal Court, Mark Downs challenged the sufficiency of the evidence supporting his convictions and argued that his constitutional rights were violated.

Bill seeks ethics education for engineers

Published: 08/28/2015

State Reps. Louis Blessing III and Al Landis have introduced a bill into the Ohio General Assembly that would require professional engineers to complete continuing professional development hours in professional ethics or rules relevant to engineering or surveying practices.

“In developing this bill, the recurring question I had was ‘What are ethics?’ Of course, I know what ethics are, but what does ethics mean in the engineering profession,” Landis, R-Dover, said in sponsor testimony for House Bill 236 before the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

CBA tries to enhance learning, pique interest at CLE courses

Published: 08/28/2015

With an wide range of continuing legal education courses coming up, the Columbus Bar Association is sticking with a Civil Rights theme and providing formats to enhance the educational value of its programs.

Obergefell gave CBA members a first-hand account of historic same-sex marriage case

Published: 08/28/2015

Since the U.S. Supreme Court released its historic opinion granting marriage equality to same-sex couples in June, the case’s named plaintiff, Jim Obergefell, has become a legal celebrity of sorts.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” he said of life since the ruling. “I had about a week and a half at home a couple weeks ago and that’s been about it. Otherwise I’m going all over the place.”

CBA launches video, photo marketing studio

Published: 08/28/2015

As having an online presence becomes an increasingly bigger factor in capturing new legal clients, the Columbus Bar Association wants to help attorneys stand out.

In partnership with Anderson Reporting Services and Merlin Productions, the CBA has launched a video and photo marketing studio.

The studio, available for appointment on Mondays and Fridays at the Columbus Bar offices, offers still photography for digital or print use, video clips for social media and full-length television commercials.

Tech startups want to change the way you drive

Published: 08/28/2015

SAN FRANCISCO — A veteran computer scientist hates sitting in his car at stop lights, so he creates software that makes the experience less annoying. A former engineering professor wants to double the range of today’s electric vehicles. And an aeronautics expert believes flying cars shouldn’t be science fiction.

It’s no secret that technology is changing the car industry. The major automakers, as well as tech giants such as Google and possibly Apple, are laying the groundwork for the first driverless cars.

That sinking feeling: As China slows, so does Otis Elevator

Published: 08/28/2015

HARTFORD, Conn. — As China’s economy has grown and skyscrapers sprouted in cities extending ever westward from the Pacific coast, Otis Elevator Co. went along for the ride.

On Mississippi's shore, what Katrina erased not yet replaced

Published: 08/28/2015

LONG BEACH, Miss. — Between Mississippi’s seashore and the railroad tracks a little ways inland, where Hurricane Katrina all but erased a neighborhood 10 years ago, Efrem Garza and a handful of other homeowners are still resettling a frontier.

IndyCar heads to finale reeling from loss of Justin Wilson

Published: 08/28/2015

When Tony Kanaan arrived home following the IndyCar race at Pocono Raceway, his wife asked him why he continued to race in a series that has such high risk.

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