Appeals court rules prison guard used excessive force on inmate

Published: 07/25/2014

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed a district court’s ruling in an excessive-force lawsuit for the second time in recent weeks when it found Phillip Cordell presented sufficient facts to establish an Eight Amendment violation of his rights.

A three-judge appellate panel found the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio at Dayton improperly granted summary judgment to Deputy Sheriff Glen McKinney on the basis of qualified immunity.

Bill would hold private police officers to public records standard

Published: 07/25/2014

State Reps. Michael Henne and Heather Bishoff have crafted a bipartisan bill that would require privately-employed police forces to follow the same public records laws as public police forces.

“There are more than 33,000 trained and sworn peace officers in Ohio, but more than 800 of them are not employed by traditional governments,” said Henne, R-Clayton.

Thief who robbed victim at gunpoint loses appeal; but resentencing set

Published: 07/25/2014

A three-judge panel in the 10th District Court of Appeals released an opinion this week affirming a man’s conviction for aggravated robbery but remanding the matter for new sentencing.

The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas found Mohamed Ndiaye guilty of aggravated robbery with a firearm specification and one count of robbery, also with a firearm specification.

Those convictions stemmed from an incident in early March 2012.

Court finds SWAT team properly entered home during man's arrest

Published: 07/25/2014

The 10th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas ruling finding that members of the Reynoldsburg Police Department were legally in a man’s home when they found his stash of drugs.

Arnell Isbell’s drug convictions stemmed from a complaint that he caused serious physical harm to Roxanne Nolt by striking her in the head with his fists.

Shopping centers adjust to online competition

Published: 07/25/2014

When Urban Land Institute Columbus released its 2014 forecast of real estate trends in Central Ohio, the report pegged the retail industry as continuing an evolution triggered by the rise of online shopping.

In response to e-commerce, the report stated that part of the new tenant mix is to “make shopping an experience.”

Aaron Gilbert, principal of The Gilbert Group, a Columbus-based, full-service commercial real estate firm, agreed with that stance.

Abandoned horses keep flooding already overtaxed rescue centers

Published: 07/25/2014

CHINO HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Almost every horse rescue in the country is running out of room or money as they continue to be strained by an influx of abandoned equines, a trend that began during the recession.

Although hundreds of nonprofits nationwide care for thousands of horses, resources are stretched thin.

When the downturn started seven years ago, some owners got rid of their horses, many donors discontinued contributions to horse charities and adoptions plummeted.

Seniors use roommate-finding agencies to cut costs

Published: 07/25/2014

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not exactly “The Golden Girls,” but for Marcia Rosenfeld, it’ll do.

Rosenfeld is among thousands of aging Americans taking part in home-sharing programs around the country that allow seniors to stay in their homes and save money while getting some much-needed companionship.

“It’s a wonderful arrangement,” said the white-haired Rosenfeld, who when asked her age will only say she’s a senior citizen. “The way the rents are these days, I couldn’t stay here without it.”

Contrarian's case: Why U.S. could dip into recession

Published: 07/25/2014

NEW YORK — Just as the U.S. economy is strengthening, other countries are threatening to drag it down.

Employers in the U.S. are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the late 1990s and the economy finally looks ready to expand at a healthy rate. But sluggish growth in France, Italy, Russia, Brazil and China suggests that the old truism, “When the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold,” may need to be flipped.

Maybe the rest of the world will sneeze this time, and the U.S. will get sick.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Published: 07/25/2014

NEW YORK — It’s an almost weekly occurrence: Earlier this week, Goodwill said its computer systems may have been hacked, leading to the possible theft of customers’ credit and debit card information. The nonprofit agency, which operates 2,900 stores in the U.S., said it is working with federal investigators to look into a possible breach.

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